Flywheel Bicycle Solutions, LLC

The Evolution Of Bicycle Service

Ian Bagshaw—Owner and Head Mechanic


Ian Bagshaw, originally from Winston, OR, has a long history of bicycle service and advocacy in the Rogue Valley. He has worked at and managed several local shops, taught at the world renown United Bicycle Institute, helped plan and promote large-scale bicycle events, and has been a stalwart advocate and builder for MTB trails in the area. 

As an avid road, mountain bike, and cyclocross rider—and occasional racer, Ian's appreciation for riders of all walks of life is contagious. It is not uncommon for him to spend as much time explaining the complex local trail system to a new rider as he spends tuning their bike. 

Ian's combined experiences place him in a unique position to offer the highest quality service and customer experience in the Rogue Valley, and beyond. Many of our customers drive from locations as far as Roseburg or Redding just to have Ian tune their ride. 


Derek Boland—Shop Manager and Director of Fermented Beverages


Derek comes to Flywheel via Santa Rosa, Humboldt County, and then Flagstaff, AZ. His love and thirst for beer is only matched by his sewing skills and arcane knowledge of backcountry, forest service roads. Many customers like to come and sit at the bar just to enjoy a cold pint and to pick Derek's brain about just about anything. 



Muuqi Maxwell—Bike Fitter and In-House Photographer & Graphic Designer

Muuqi Maxwell is an Ashland Native and "Renaissance Man," in Ian's words. Growing up as a BMXer, he eventually wandered down the path of mountain bikes, road, fixed gears, touring bikes, and more. After graduating from UBI in 2005, he worked for a few years at two shops in the Rogue Valley before relocating to Seattle, WA. During his four years there he became the top sales person at Gregg's Greenlake, studied bike fit, and eventually wound up at Bike Works, a non-profit, where he taught bicycle mechanics and riding skills, and led bicycle tours. 

As Flywheel's bike fitter, Muuqi works to ensure that every rider has a bike that is fit to their unique body dimensions and riding style. He received his fit training from Mike Sylvester, or Portland's Bicycle Fitting Services, in conjunction with Trek University. To make an appointment please contact the shop.