Flywheel Bicycle Solutions, LLC

The Evolution Of Bicycle Service

About Flywheel Bicycle Solutions

Ian Bagshaw opened Flywheel Bicycle Solutions, LLC in downtown Talent in 2005 to offer "The Evolution of Bicycle Service." From day one our business philosophy has been just that: to elevate the art of bicycle mechanics and service to an entirely new level. From the moment you walk in our doors, our number one priority is your experience as a customer, and the safety, comfort, and efficiency of your ride. 

In 2011 Ian relocated his shop from downtown Talent out to Hwy. 99, allowing for a larger selection of bikes, parts, and accessories, as well as an expanded capacity for repairs. A year later Flywheel added a bar complete with local beer on tap, as well as other beverages and minor snacks. With this new addition, Flywheel evolved from a retail and service location to a social hub and community destination.